About us// Jamie Williams  

Jamie is currently a Restorative Justice/Measures Consultant, Trainer, Teacher and Circle Keeper. Her past experience includes: being Coordinator for the Seward Neighborhood Restorative Justice Initiative, Community Resource Coordinator for the Seward Neighborhood Group, Coordinator/Teacher/Community and Parent Liaison for Cedar Riverside Community School. Jamie assisted in development of the Children and Family Services Program and the Teen Medical Clinic at the Cedar Riverside People’s Center, was Youth and Family Advocate at the Brian Coyle Community Center, and a Counselor at St. Joseph’s Home for Children.

She holds a BA from Metropolitan State University in Human Services: Counseling and Intervention and an MA Degree from St. Mary’s University in Human Development: Restorative Justice / Measures / Circle Process (Masters Thesis Title: Philosophy and Function of Peacemaking Circles in Communities and Schools).

The goals Jamie met in graduate school are:

        Increased knowledge of the worldwide history, dynamics and applications of the Circle

        Analyzed numerous approaches to school/community based restorative justice/measures/practices

        Increased understanding and knowledge of spiritual development

Jamie has received training in Family Group Conferencing and Victim Offender Mediation and Dialogue and has extensive training in Circle Process including Nares Mountain Wilderness Camp in the Yukon Territory. She has taught Circle Process to educators and community activists for over ten years in many schools and communities throughout the state of Minnesota, the country,  and the University of Minnesota Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking.

When Jamie heard the definition of a “calling” by F. Buechner...“When a deep gladness in your heart meets a deep need in the world”...she knew she was “called” to keeping the Circle strong and present in communities and schools.



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